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Extra large solid oak kitchen island with full, wide staves and rustic features enhanced with clear epoxy resin.

Large Solid Oak Island

Project: Solid oak kitchen island. Location: Bolney, Haywards Heath. Dimensions: 3100mm x 2100mm x 40mm. Wood: European oak. Full stave, wide stave character planks. Origin: Czech Republic. The timber was sourced in a sustainable manner and kiln dried in-house to below 10% moisture content using the vacuum kiln drying process. Features: Resin infill – organic knots and rustic […]

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European smoked oak extra large slab outdoor dining table with waterproof epoxy resin encapsulation, live edges and a custom set of legs.

Extra Large Outdoor Dining Table

Project: Outdoor dining table, large single-slab design. Location: Var, Southern France. Wood: European smoked oak. Full stave, wide stave character slab. Size: 4000mm x 900mm x 90mm Origin: Bavarian woodlands, Germany. The timber was obtained sustainably and kiln dried in-house to below 10% moisture content using the vacuum kiln drying process. Features: Epoxy resin encapsulation – […]

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A custom-made, full stave, wide stave, solid wood sessile oak dining table with epoxy resin-enhanced rustic features and calibrated, steel table legs.

Solid Wood Sessile Oak Table

A bespoke, solid wood dining table for our London-based customer. The radiant warmth of sessile oak elegantly illuminates the interior of a charming home in the heart of the capital. Our signature resin infill technique preserves the earthy knots and rustic imperfections of the wide stave, character planks. Our natural blend of fragrant oils provides […]

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Full stave character oak worktops enhanced with clear epoxy resin over the earthy knots and rustic imperfections.

Rustic Oak Kitchen Worktops

Our customer is in love with the raw beauty of his wooden worktops. Thank you for the review, Gary! ‘…I first come across Timberdeal when searching for solid wood worktops online. I wanted a quality look for the finish which was still an affordable price. I wanted full length staves with characteristics to give the […]

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Bespoke European oak indoor dining table comprised of two large slabs, featuring resin infill, bark preservation, a custom set of steel legs and our signature live joint technique.

Large Indoor Dining Table

Project: Indoor dining table, large double-slab design. Location: Hertfordshire countryside, England. Wood: European oak. Full stave, wide stave character slabs. Origin: Slovakia. The timber was kiln dried in-house to below 10% moisture content using the vacuum kiln drying process for maximum stability. Features: Epoxy resin infill – enhancement of rustic attributes. Square edging. Bark preservation. […]

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Walnut bathroom worktop with rustic features, resin encapsulation, bark preservation, live edge jointing system, square edging and natural oiled finish.

Wild Walnut Bathroom Countertop

Project: Bathroom countertop with basin cut-outs. Location: London, England. Wood: Wild walnut. Full stave, wide stave character slabs obtained from the same tree – bookmatched. Origin: British woodlands. The timber was kiln dried to below 10% moisture content using our on-site vacuum kiln. Features: Natural, oiled finish. Resin encapsulation, square edging, resin bark preservation, Earthy […]

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Bespoke full stave walnut surface with live edges, resin corner & inserts, complete epoxy encapsulation and earthy joint river effect.

English walnut table top w/ epoxy encapsulation & resin corner

Location: London Wood: Full stave English walnut (3 wide stave, character planks). Features: Earthy jointing system (epoxy river effect), resin inserts, live/waney edges, resin corner. Budget: Prices for similar surfaces starting from £10,000+vat Beautiful state of the art table top engineered and handcrafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex. Obtained from the same tree, […]

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Custom English walnut kitchen island with Earthy Joint and clear epoxy resin inserts.

Bespoke English walnut kitchen island w/ epoxy river

Beautiful feature island handcrafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green as a one-off piece for a customer in London. The vast colour palette of English walnut paints stunning variations in the wood with unique natural patterns and striations. The planks originate from the same tree and were kiln-dried to below 10% moisture content using our […]

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bespoke oak dining table with matching rustic legs and epoxy resin inserts, dining table, family table rustic table industrial table

Family oak dining table for a customer in London

‘In love with our new table…’ Our customer from London came to us looking for a large dining surface. Nathalie envisioned a robust, 10-seater oak table that is both stunning and future-proof. She envisioned a surface for years to come, something more than just a piece of furniture, a work of art. The design of […]

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Bespoke English walnut kitchen island with end-caps and resin inserts.

English walnut kitchen island & worktops for a customer in Sussex

Bespoke English walnut surfaces designed for a customer in Ifield, Sussex. This project is the result of a collaboration with a kitchen showroom, and features resin-enhanced walnut worktops, upstands and a large island as the centrepiece of a practical, modern kitchen. The service was extended to an additional utility room. The natural warmth and radiance […]

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