How to commission bespoke table crafted to order by our skilled artisans


Single-plank tops, also known as Slab Table Tops

salvaged wood oak top oak table slab table slab breakfast bar slab sale wooden slabs for sale

2000 x~1000 single slab table crafted from salvaged oak

Slab tables are the crème da la crème of dining furniture. In the simplest of terms, they are oversized planks. This oversimplified definition however, does the slabs justice. The demand for such exclusive, statement pieces is extremely high. Not a single joint can be found on our slab tables. Not a trace of human interference. The surfaces are as nature intended them to be – raw in their beauty with vibrant, organic vibes to make your dining experience all the more special. The character features are preserved with a clear resin infill to retain the rustic overtones, merely adding a finishing touch to what is already a masterpiece. Discover the slab table tops range  & prices –

Multiple-plank tops, also known as Table Tops

bespoke oak dining table with matching rustic legs and epoxy resin inserts

3000 x 960mm oak table crafted from 3 book-matched, full of character and beautiful rustic features oak planks originating from the same tree

Table tops are a perfect solution for those seeking premium quality at a reasonable price. The table tops are comprised of wide stave, bookmatched (originating from one tree) planks of over 250mm width. The table tops are enhanced with our signature resin infill technique to preserve the earthy knots and rustic imperfections. At an additional cost, the number of planks comprising your top can be decreased, e.g. from four planks to two, very wide planks. All table tops are carefully crafted by our team of experts. Discover the table tops range & prices –

For reference, if you cannot find the pricing for your specified dimensions, please look at the next size up. The top(s) will be cut to your exact measurements.


Live Edging,

Square Edging,

as well as Part-Live, Part-Square Edging

are all included within the price of your top(s). The choice ultimately boils down to personal taste. Our finishing service comes at an additional cost (please see price tables for details). Slabs are subject to availability.


Our finishing service includes fine sanding and application of oils/varnish. The fine sanding process gives our surfaces a smooth, elegant finish. It also prepares them for the subsequent treatment with our own blend of finishing oils/varnish. Our surfaces are further sanded in-between the application of each coat for added durability and aesthetic appeal. Timberdeal customers have the freedom of choice between oils and varnish, depending on individual preferences. Alternatively, they may also choose to – at their own cost – arrange the finishing service personally.


Timberdeal legs and plates are crafted to order, calibrated individually to each surface, designed to allow for the natural movement of timber. More information about the support we offer can be found in the ‘Table Legs’ section of our website – We also offer general advice on the support required for wooden surfaces –

Please note we cannot advise on legs/any other form of support from external sources.


Regrettably, a large proportion of wooden surfaces on the market is not adequately kiln-dried. Customers are often unaware of the risks that arise from purchasing tops made from insufficiently dried timber. These include warping, twisting, swelling and infestation of woodworm. As a direct result, adjoining tops could also be affected and/or damaged. Unfortunately, these problems can take weeks to manifest themselves, by which time it is too late.

We dry all our timber in-house using the precise vacuum kiln drying service. This produces an improved quality of wood with minimal moisture content. The entire crafting process of your dream top, from tree to finished piece, is fulfilled under the roof of our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex. The uncompromising durability of our tops allows them to effortlessly withstand the test of time, complementing your home for generations to come.


Are you ready to order? Send an email to to proceed to the next stage. To help you structure your email, please refer to the following template   the dimensions of your top, the species (if possible), your budget (very important) and a postcode (for those who require a delivery quote). Any additional material such as pictures, drawings and any other sources of inspiration, is greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing about your project.

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