Custom Feature Shelves

wooden shelf live edge, shelf natural edge, raw edge wooden shelf, hornbeam shelf with resin, bark edge shelfShelves & window sills & mantels handcrafted to measure in Sussex

Our full stave, wide stave, or made from a single plank (up to 600mm width) custom shelves, floating shelves, mantels and window sills, are made to order in our workshop and timber yard located in Plumpton Green, Sussex, from the most attractive English and European hardwoods with their unique characteristics and distinctive grain.

Directly from the manufacturer, made from in house vacuum kiln dried timber  

As we are a timber specialist, we personally source, plank, and vacuum kiln dry our own timber for all projects, therefore we can guarantee not only a wide selection of quality vacuum kiln dried wood and vacuum kiln dried slabs, but also full cost control, as you can buy the rough sawn or fully finished product directly from the manufacturer.  We are unique in offering this full ‘fallen tree to a finished product’ service under one roof.


wood shelf with fluorescent resin, blue resin wooden shelf, river shelf, bark shelf, live edge shelves wooden shelves with bark edge, epoxy resinWide choice of hardwoods

Our most popular species are English walnut, European walnut, English Oak, European Oak, English Ash; they are an elegant add on to any kitchen, dining room, bedroom or bathroom, however, we also offer rare varieties such as a Wild Apple, Wild Pear, Sycamore, Hornbeam, Cherry, Black Oak and English Sweet Chestnut if you fancy something more unusual.

Floating shelves

Our floating shelves are an easy way to add extra storage space on the walls whilst maintaining a modern, minimalist look. They also add interest to a blank wall and can be used to store books or display antiques or collectables.

The shelves can come pre-drilled, ready to be mounted and if requested we can supply floating shelf fixings.

english walnut shelf, english walnut table top, english walnut table, live edge walnut, raw edge walnut, natural edge walnut, bark edge walnut, resin walnut, resin wood, bark resin, resin bark preservedSophisticated simplicity of a natural edge or square edge

Our premium quality solid wood shelves can be made with a bespoke choice of 4 different edge finishes. The choices are: live edge, otherwise known as natural edge, raw edge, earthy edge or waney edge; natural edge with the bark preserved or a modern clean line square edge or square edge with the bark preserved with clear resin.

Unfinished  or finished with clear resin infill

In terms of the finish, our solid wood shelves can be supplied unfinished (planed all round) or completely finished with oil, clear resin inserts, or a choice of metal infills that can make a humble plank look like a unique piece of wood art.

In this way, our finished artistic wood planks can be displayed as a wall feature that can be hung flat in either a vertical or a horizontal position.

wood sandblasting, dark wood texture, wooden texture, beautiful wood, timberdeal, earthy timber, table manufacturer sussexSandblasting

On request the timber can be sandblasted to achieve texture and depth.

Made from a single plank

The planks up to 6 metres long can be supplied with no joints on the length or the width, please specify in your request if you want your shelf to be made from one plank without a joint.

Choose your plank

For single items valued at over £4000+vat we welcome clients to come & view & select the slabs for their bespoke project, if they wish & by appointment only please.


Each solid wood surface is made to order so please allow at least 5 week for manufacturing your bespoke wooden shelves. For wooden artwork –depending on the finish: resin inserts, metal inserts and bark preservation we will require more time.

European v American

European oak with it’s beautiful grain, colour variation, and unique features is very different to its American, very light and uniform distant cousin. European oak is also denser and harder as it grows slower in colder climate and harsher weather conditions. It will better withstand dents, marking, and general wear and tear than an American, faster growing oak. If you desire uniqueness and strength closer to home, remember your royal predecessors built ships and conquered the world using local oak!

European oak is also suitable for tight cooperage, unlike American oak which is too porous and unsuitable for outside usage due to its lack of durability.

Example pricing

Please use our sample pricing GUIDE or refer to a price calculator. You can also contact us directly via As we are manufacturers of kiln dried timber we can meet any of your size requirements.

oak shelves square edged or live edged



price  per shelf (ex vat)

1000mm 300mm 35mm £65
1500mm 300mm 35mm £135
2000mm 300mm 35mm £148
2500mm 300mm 35mm £183
3000mm 300mm 35mm £220


walnut shelves square edged or live edged



price per shelf (ex vat)

1000mm 250mm 40mm £130
1500mm 250mm 40mm £221
2000mm 250mm 40mm £214
2400mm 250mm 40mm £268


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