Beautiful Wooden Slab Table Tops And Breakfast Bars for Sale

Your Best Forever Christmas Present Idea

oak table dining table industrial table earthy table rustic table kitchen table, feature tableYour Best FOREVER CHRISTMAS PRESENT

It’s that special time of year again, or at least, it will be here before you know it! Have YOU thought about a truly unique present for that special person in your life yet? Our custom-made tables are the perfect choice. This is a Christmas present that literally keeps on giving – your forever Christmas tree! Durable and practical yet utterly beautiful, each table surface is carefully crafted by our skilled artisans in our workshop in Plumpton Green to bring out the incredible random patterns, whirls and striations that we only find in wood – a major wow factor – and major mega brownie points for you.

With our skilled vacuum kiln-drying technique, this is a specially commissioned piece from Timberdeal that will last for generations. The person you give this to will remember this amazing present for ever. And you, of course.

You can view the PRICING of our beautiful tables, desks, breakfast bars & tops in PRODUCT SECTIONS on our website. We are now taking orders for commissions for next year. Don’t worry though: you’ll be able to delight your loved one TWICE OVER

Each table purchased from Timberdeal in December entitles you to a complimentary cheese board. Something super-gorgeous to put under the tree with a special note hinting of something exciting to come in the New Year? Don’t mind if we do!

Unique Cheeseboards & Breadboards
cheeseboard, serving board, serving wooden board, breadboard, bread board

unique wooden serving boards

Our wide selection of cheeseboards enchants even the most demanding of tastes. This lovely slice of timber was vacuum kiln-dried on site, leveled, sanded and finished with a natural blend of fragrant oils. Its unique characteristics will flourish with the optional addition of resin-infill; the substance gently flows into any cracks and voids to form a clear protective layer, so that the surface is both aesthetically pleasing and hygienic to use. Engineered and hand-crafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex.

Price: £100+vat plus depending on size

Dimensions (in mm): vary

Wild Apple Coffee Table

wild apple coffee table with bark preservation resin infill and live edgeA vibrant wild apple coffee table to liven-up your Monday mornings. This extravagant design has been treated with our specialist bark preservation technique which enables our customers to admire wooden surfaces in their most natural state. The crystalline resin and live-edging gracefully complement each other to create a seamless ‘river and waterfall’ effect. Engineered and hand-crafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex.

Price: £1000+vat

Dimensions (in mm): L790 x W540 x T53

Species: Wild Apple

Live-Edge English Walnut Desk Top

bespoke english walnut desk top with resin infill live edge and river jointing systemThe common theme for all our tops unquestionably lies in their lack of conformity; each surface is irreplicable in its appearance, each has its own definitive and distinctive features. The planks used for this design come from the same tree, and are combined using the exclusive Earthy® Timber jointing system which connects the two pieces in a harmonizing river of resin. Character features such as knots and voids have also been preserved to ensure maximum hygiene and durability. Engineered and hand-crafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex.

Price: £2300+vat

Dimensions (in mm): L2700 x W640-890* x T40                                  *most narrow to widest point

Species: English Walnut

English Walnut Butcher’s Block

62mm thick english walnut butcher's block that can also be used as a breakfast bar or islandThick, sturdy and resistant to damage, butcher’s blocks are a truly timeless solution with universal appeal. They work great as breakfast bars or islands; butcher’s blocks are ideal for people who don’t like cold elbows with their morning coffee. A simple yet elegant design makes our butcher’s blocks an aesthetically pleasing addition to both modern and traditional interiors. Engineered and hand-crafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex. Our butcher’s blocks come in many sizes and levels of thickness; prices will vary depending on your requirements.

Price: £750+vat

Dimensions (in mm): D900* x T62                                                   *diameter

Species: English Walnut

Live-Edge English Walnut Bench

bespoke live edge english walnut bench with floating acrylic legs available in many sizesAn Earthy® English Walnut bench with a smooth raw edge and acrylic legs. The acrylic legs create a modern, floating effect which emphasizes the organic appearance of the plank. This bench has been vacuum kiln-dried to below 10% moisture content and coated with layers of our durable blend of natural oils. Engineered and hand-crafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex. Available in a variety of sizes (and shapes).

Price: £550+vat

Dimensions (in mm): L1800 x W350-690* x T40                                           *most narrow to widest point

Species: English Walnut

Live-Edge English Walnut Dining Table

english walnut dining table with live edge resin jointing system acrylic legs and knot preservationA stunning English Walnut dining table featuring acrylic legs and the exclusive Earthy® Joint system – our advanced technique of wood joinery using clear resin that creates a river-like effect. The natural beauty of the surface has been further enhanced with resin to preserve knots and voids; perfect for those who value durability and love the organic attributes of timber. Engineered and hand-crafted at our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex. Comes with optional walnut bench at additional cost.

Price: £5500+vat

Dimensions (in mm): L2090 x W1160 x T35

Species: English Walnut

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