Block solid wood worktops

12xMade to measure
We custom built our block worktops, breakfast bars, shelves and window sills in various thicknesses 20mm /30mm /40mm/ 60mm and to desired length and width. With our specialist clamping system we can produce block worktops up to 5 metre long and 1.5 metre wide.  Our speciality is being able to manufacture and supply block style solid wood worktops to specific lengths and widths ensuring no environmental waste and thereby saving you time and money.

Level of finishing 
We supply surfaces with different levels of service including one or any combination of the following: kitchen worktops cut-to-size, finished with cut outs and joints, sanded and oiled ready for installation.

Up to 5 metre long
We can fabricate block oak worktops up to 5m length

Custom sizes up to 1.5 metre wide
With our specialist clamping system we can produce block solid wood worktops up  to 1.5m width.

Responsibly sourced
Our products are manufactured from English and European hardwoods that have been bonded using moisture resistant B3 or B4 glue, sanded to 120 grit and delivered raw, square edged and ready for finishing, unless you have requested our additional services.

Example pricing

Please use our pricing GUIDE. You can also contact us directly via As we are manufacturers, we can meet any of your size requirements.

Price list for block oak worktops

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Our oak kitchen worktops–with its attractive unique markings, knots and grain. Manufactured from 40mm stave width, high density European oak available in 20mm, 30mm, 40mm & 60mm thickness.

Block oak worktops 30mm thickness and 40mm thickness & breakfast bars 30mm & 40mm thickness:

oak tops 30mm & 40mm thickness (stave width 40mm)




oak worktop price (ex vat)

oak worktop 1000mm 650mm 30mm & 40mm £89
oak worktop 2000mm 650mm 30mm & 40mm £166
oak worktop 2000mm 960mm 30mm & 40mm £262
oak worktop 3000mm 650mm 30mm & 40mm £220
oak worktop 3000mm 960mm 30mm & 40mm £321
oak worktop 4000mm 650mm 30mm & 40mm £310
oak worktop 4000mm 960mm 30mm & 40mm £480
oak worktop 5000mm 650mm 30mm & 40mm £480

Block oak worktops 60mm thickness & block oak breakfast bars 60mm thickness:

oak tops 60mm thickness (stave width 40mm)




oak worktop price (ex vat)

oak worktop 1000mm 650mm 60mm £172
oak worktop 2000mm 650mm 60mm £321
oak worktop 2000mm 900mm 60mm £407
oak worktop 3000mm 650mm 60mm £407
oak worktop 3000mm 900mm 60mm £700


Price list for wide block English walnut worktops

English walnut block worktop and English walnut breakfast bar, walnut worktop Sussex , wooden worktop Sussex, bespoke worktop SussexEnglish wide plank 70-140mm stave walnut kitchen worktops – our unique range with a very distinctive and attractive grain, medium to dark chocolate brown colours. This stunning  timber contains a mix of plain and figured wood with swirling grain. There are also some  beautiful knots and character marks that can be filled with clear resin at an additional cost.

Wide Block English walnut worktops and breakfast bars 40mm thickness:

Wide plank English walnut worktop (stave width 70-140mm)




walnut worktop price (ex vat)

walnut worktop 2000mm 620mm 40mm £400
walnut worktop 2400mm 900mm 40mm £584
walnut worktop 3000mm 620mm 40mm £552
walnut worktop 3000mm 960mm 40mm £826
walnut worktop 4000mm 620mm 40mm £826

Please note:

Special widths up to 1500mm wide can be manufactured to order

Breakfast bar blocks of 80/100/120/140mm thickness can be manufactured to order.

We can produce almost any size, any shape customisations.

Oak upstand prices:

oak upstand height

oak upstand price (ex vat)

oak upstand 40-60mm £45
oak  upstand 70-80mm £50
oak upstand 90-120mm £60
oak upstand 130-150mm £70
oak upstand 160-180mm £80
oak upstand 190-250mm £100

English walnut upstand prices:

walnut upstand height

oak upstand price (ex vat)

English walnut upstand 40-60mm £80
English walnut upstand 70-80mm £120
English walnut upstand 90-100mm £150

Our upstands are 3 metre long, 20mm thickness and produced to whatever height you require.

We also offer matching shelves and window sills in various thicknesses.

oak worktops Lewes, East SussexMaintenance & Care of Solid Wood Worktops

To maintain optimum appearance and condition of your worktop surface we recommend a blend of high quality, fragrant oils, ideal for surfaces requiring a hard-wearing and water resistant finish. The protective layer built with the oil is water-, heat-, alcohol- and food acid-resistant. Our customer care kit contains recommended oil, lint-free cotton cloth and aftercare instructions and is available on request. Instructions for installation, care & maintenance of worktops are dispatched with each order.

beautiful oak worktops in Sussex, end cups fitted with dowels to protect the timber from the heat generated by hob. Wooden worktop finishing service and fitting service is available on request



Click here to read our Terms and Conditions and learn about wooden worktops fitting and maintenance.





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