Wooden feature wall


Exquisite 3d effect natural texture and warmth timber panels for walls for striking effect in offices, wine cellars, restaurants, bars, hotels, boutiques or private homes.

solid wood feature wall by earthy design
Our premium range of handmade decorative wooden bricks provide you with an innovative and modern approach to designing your home, business or commercial project.

Our timber wall instantly creates a unique feel acting as an artwork, accent wall, TV wall or meeting room feature. The inherent acoustic properties of oak and walnut also make our internal wood cladding wall ideal for use in any spaces requiring sound dampening.

The simple DIY fitting makes our feature wall perfect for residential projects, whilst size flexibility, modular wall system and drastically reduced onsite workmanship makes it ideal for commercial applications.

With the correct lighting effect, the beauty of the timber can be accentuated and the mood of the room altered to suit.


Example pricing

Please use our pricing GUIDE. You can also contact us directly via As we are manufacturers, we can meet any of your size requirements.

Timber wall panel (made of individual wooden bricks on mdf/ply panel)

price per m2

natural oak £130
smoked oak (dark espresso colour) £230
English walnut £200


solid wood individual bricks around 345x200x20mm

price per m2

natural oak £130
smoked oak (dark espresso colour) £230
English walnut £230


Easy fitting

accent wall kitchen, bedroom, study, wine cellar ideas

Our 3D feature wall  is an obvious way to change ordinary spaces into spectacular interiors.   The wooden bricks are handmade from recycled wood and can be delivered either individually or as a panel to your measurements or template. Our stunning reclaimed hardwoods can be supplied glued to a ply backing for super easy installation.

You can choose to cover the whole wall or position the bricks in a rather unsystematic fashion. The beauty of timber accent wall is that it can achieve a variety of looks and feelings depending on the assembly process, layout, and choice of wood. The individual timber bricks can be arranged beforehand in a methodical approach, measuring the whole wall and laying out the pieces on the floor, or you may choose to select each piece as you go. Random placement creates a more interesting look.



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