Case Study: Bespoke
Solid Oak Kitchen Dining Table


Bespoke interesting solid oak table in modern London home

A bespoke, solid wood dining table for our London-based customer. The radiant warmth of sessile oak elegantly illuminates the interior of a charming home in the heart of the capital. Our signature resin infill technique preserves the earthy knots and rustic imperfections of the wide stave, character planks. Our natural blend of fragrant oils provides a touch of raw appeal to the surface, accentuating the natural patterns and striations. This full stave top is complemented by a pair of robust, individually calibrated, U-shaped steel legs with a graphite finish.

Our timber is obtained directly from sustainable sources in Europe and the UK. It is then kiln dried to below 10% moisture content using the precise vacuum kiln drying process, thus maximising stability. Finally, the ready pieces are taken to the workshop and handcrafted by our experts. All in-house.

Beautiful Resin infilled edging detail of our bespoke solid wood oak table


  • Resin infill – organic knots and rustic imperfections preserved and enhanced with translucent resin.

  • kiln dried to below 10% moisture content using the precise vacuum kiln drying process

  • Finely sanded and treated surface using our own blend of fragrant oils to create a long lasting protective surface.

  • Modern contemporary styled straight edges.

U shaped legged bespoke Oak Solid Wood Table with beautiful resin infilled earthy straight edges


  • Hand-calibrated, U-shaped steel legs with a graphite finish for optimum balance.

  • Wood: European oak, sourced from sustainable sources.

  • Designed to add a radiant warmth with earthy organic undertones to add an element of ‘frozen nature’.

Beautiful grainy resin infilled straight square edged table in beautiful modern kitchen