Case Study: Live Edge
Outdoor Dining Table


Bespoke live edge solid oak outdoor dining table in sunny southern France

Our client wanted a large waney edge or live edge dining table that was suitable for outdoor use that complimented the surroundings of the beautiful rural surroundings of southern France. We created this beautiful bespoke table from one large single plank and infilled the knots, cracks and striations using our signature resin infill technique. This outdoor, natural edge dining table is a centrepiece inspired by nature with a classical, timeless appeal, handcrafted using state of the art methodology. Alex’s table is an artistic yet distinguished mixture of the modern and the classic. The aging process gracefully darkened the luminous colour palette of European oak, enhancing the stunning organic patterns and striations. The raw overtones of the large sized wood slab are accentuated by a pair robust steel legs with a weathered finish. This ideally accords with Alex’s vibrant garden, establishing an effortless transition between the indoor and outdoor area.

Vacuum kiln drying is the most advanced and accurate method of drying timber and produces the best quality wood slabs, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The lower the moisture content, the less susceptible the wood table to changes in temperature, splits and cracks. Thanks to its minimal moisture content, Alex’s living edge table will swiftly adapt to its surroundings and develop resistance to the challenging Mediterranean climate, ageing beautifully over time.

Resin encapsulation renders the wood slab table water resistant. This innovative technique immerses the live edge wood slab in a protective blanket of translucent resin – invisible to the naked eye. The waney edge slab table top is not only pleasantly smooth, but also extremely durable and hygienic to use.

It’s absolutely stunning. We love it! Thank you so much. Going to tell everyone about it.’– Alex


Bespoke solid wood rustic oak outdoor dining table in beautiful sunny surroundings


  • Live edge design

  • Finished with a natural blend of fragrant oils.

  • Wood aging service executed in-house.

Large bespoke solid wood european oak dining table


  • Dimensions: 4000mm x ~1000mm x 90mm

  • Wood: Smoked oak. Super large single character slab.

  • Wood Quality: High quality sustainably sourced European oak.

  • Support: Industrial steel table legs – U-shaped, weathered finish. Individually calibrated metal holding system.

Bespoke solid wood outdoor Dining Table in beautiful sunny environment