Bespoke English walnut desk for a customer in Bath

Our customer from Bath was looking for a bespoke full stave walnut desk to accentuate the workspace in his beautiful home by the river. Daniel works for a company called Industrial Phycology, a business specialising in water recycling and nutrient recovery solutions. Our passions for sustainability have combined over this project to create a contemporary centrepiece for his home office. The English walnut used for this project was locally sourced, stored at our timber yard and kiln-dried using our on-site vacuum kiln to below 10% moisture content. Daniel often works from home, and the warm colour palette of an Earthy Timber walnut surface gracefully brightens the atmosphere of his office – a functional asset for the rainy days. You can read Daniel’s review here:

The design features our exclusive techniques of bark preservation and Earthy Joint, both developed at our workshop in Plumpton Green. Bark preservation encapsulates the bark in a translucent layer of clear epoxy resin, while the Earthy Joint method employs resin to integrate two or more planks of wood in harmonising river, thus creating a smooth and aesthetically pleasing transition at the joint. The organic vibe of the table was further complemented by a smooth live-edge running along the front – a simplistic yet elegant approach. Transparent resin inserts were also used, filling the earthy knots and voids to preserve and enhance the stunning natural attributes of wood. The entirety of the surface was finished with coats of naturally blended finishing oils to provide a protective layer and intensify the colours.

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