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Earthy Live Edge Table Tops Resin Features

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Our bespoke solid wood earthy modern live edge table tops, matching wooden bench tops, live edge kitchen islands, natural wood breakfast bar tops & live edge bathroom sink tops are designed and handcrafted to order in our timber yard & workshop in the beautiful surroundings of the South Downs, Sussex, England.

Our super wide stave solid wood table tops are crafted from the finest English and European timber with their distinctive grain and unique characteristics. The live edge wood planks are hand-picked and originate from the same tree to ensure colour and feature compatibility.

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Any length, width, thickness of solid wood live edge table top (or square edge if you prefer) breakfast bar, kitchen island, kitchen table or feature desk top can be manufactured to order.

Please note we create personalised surface designs upon request. Please keep in mind this service is more expensive. Please refer to our sister company Earthy Timber Luxury for more details

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Distinct Character and Timeless Appeal of our Wild Walnut Live Edge Table with our signature Earthy® Timber Joint

Our bespoke solid wood table tops, matching wooden bench tops, wooden kitchen islands & earthy-modern desk tops are designed and handcrafted to order in our timber yard/workshop in the beautiful surroundings of the South Downs, Sussex, Our super wide stave wooden table tops are crafted from the finest English and European timber with their distinctive grain and unique characteristics. The boards are hand-picked to make them colour and grain compatible or on request the timber can be book matched (planks selected from the same tree).

Solid wood table tops crafted from live edge wood planks expertly vacuum kiln dried on our premises

bespoke oak dining table with matching rustic legs and epoxy resin inserts, dining table, family table rustic table industrial table

Character Oak Dining Table with Wooden Legs, natural beautiful wood features enhanced with clear resin so you can enjoy them yet the top is hygienic to use


As we are a timber specialist, we personally source, plank, and vacuum kiln dry the live edge slabs and waney edge planks for all our projects, therefore we can guarantee final product’s finest quality. We are unique in offering this full ‘fallen tree to a finished table’ service under one roof.

Live edge wood planks up to 5 metre long

With our specialist jointing technique we can produce full stave live edge table tops up to 5 metre long and over 1.5 metre wide. Any longer tables can also be achieved but will require longer time to produce – boards will have to be kiln dried to order.

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Wild Walnut Table Top Featuring Resin Infill, Square Joint, Oil Finish. Our critical eye to detail and care regarding the finer points of each table finish, give this brand its unique design edge and organic aesthetics

Wide choice of unique & earthy live edge wood planks, wood slabs

pippy slab table river table with blue resin infill blue resin resin infillOur area of expertise is reflected by our ability to produce the finest quality solid wood large live edge slab tables and solid wood worktops for kitchens and bathrooms – feel free to explore our both websites for an inspiration &

We also supply carpenters & diy customers with the top quality kiln dried wood slabs, levelled unfinished or with the requested level of finishing.

Our most popular waney edge timber slabs are: English walnut wood slabs, European walnut wood slabs, English Oak slabs, European Oak planks, English Ash wood slabs; they are an elegant addition to any kitchen, dining room, bedroom or bathroom, however, we also offer rare varieties such as a Wild Apple wood slabs, Wild Pear timber slabs, Sycamore planks, Hornbeam slabs, Cherry wood slabs, Black Oak wood slabs, Acacia slabs London Plane wood slabs and English Sweet Chestnut if you have a desire for more unusual surface.

Please refer to our sister company Earthy® Timber to view selection of our custom tables and find out more about our utterly stunning & unique finishing techniques.

Sophisticated simplicity of a earthy live edge, square edge or part live/part square solid wood table top edging

Our premium quality waney edge, live edge solid wood table tops (square edge if you prefer) from expertly vacuum kiln dried timber can be crafted in bespoke choice of 3 elegant finishes of the edges. The choices are:

  • live edge table top, otherwise known as natural edge table top, raw edge table top, waney edge table top or earthy edge tops
  • modern clean line of square edge table top
  • part square , part live edge table top to combine the best aspects of live and square external contour

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Solid Wood Bespoke Table Top choices:

Earthy & Character Table Tops with clear resin infill – raw & beautiful timber top with its unique markings, live edges (or square edges if you prefer) knots & grain, You can expect naturally occurring features: splits, scatterings of pip, small and large knots. Our character wood is full of beautiful rustic characteristics and distinctive features permanently filled in a special procedure with a clear resin so you can enjoy their uniqueness and attractiveness but at the same time your bespoke table top is easy to maintain and hygienic at all times. The resin sets as hard as timber and is extremely durable. For special effects, our resins are available in many colours. Click here to read more about our resin technique. On request the table top can be finished with a blend of high quality, fragrant oils or clear lacquer which are ideal for wooden table tops requiring a hard-wearing and water resistant finish.

Prime solid wood tops – uniformly elegant and sophisticated table tops, few if any knots. On request the wooden table top can be finished with a blend of high quality, fragrant oils or clear lcquer which are ideal for timber tops requiring a hard-wearing and water resistant finish.

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Timescale to produce bespoke live edge table top

Each solid wood live edge table top (square edge if you prefer), live edge breakfast bar or live edge kitchen island is designed and made to order so please allow at least 5 weeks for manufacturing your bespoke solid wood table top or wooden worktop. Express service is available at an additional cost. Our distinctive wood art table tops –depending on the finish: large, river effect resin inserts, metal inserts and bark preservation will require more time to produce and are available at an additional cost.

Real wood table tops – beautiful & tactile

Solid wood is one of the finest and most precious natural materials. Natural live edge table tops, live edge tables, live edge worktops, solid wood breakfast bars, live edge kitchen islands, matching solid wood benches, floating shelves and window sills radiate warmth and benefit from distinctive nuances.

English v American solid wood table tops

European & English oak with it’s beautiful grain, colour variation, and unique features is very different to its American, very light and uniform distant cousin. English oak is also denser and harder as it grows slower in a colder climate and harsher weather conditions. It will better withstand dents, marking, and general wear and tear than the American, faster growing oak. If you desire uniqueness and strength closer to home, remember your royal predecessors built ships and conquered the world using local oak! European oak is also suitable for tight cooperage, unlike American oak which is too porous and unsuitable for outside usage due to its lack of durability.

Prices of bespoke live edge solid wood table tops (square edge if you prefer)

For prices of our bespoke wild walnut and character oak solid wood live edge table tops please visit our Timberdeal Table Tops Online Shop

end grain walnut butchers block feature kitchen, beautiful end grain

End grain English walnut butchers block with resin enhanced features

Click here for prices of our Butchers block, end grain worktops. Any shape, any size can be crafted to order

Information about our Bread & Cheese Boards

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