Live Edge Breakfast Bars

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Beautiful Wood Live Edge Breakfast Bar

Our ‘everyday range’ breakfast bars are available to order in our Timberdeal Online Store  with their attractive unique live edges (or square edges if you prefer) markings, knots and grain enhanced with clear resin.

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Natural Wood Kitchen Breakfast Bars from Timberdeal and our sister company Earthy Timber are full of character & earthy charm, treated with our signature resin infill technique. The earthy complexion and radiant warmth of the organic patterns in live edge solid wood breakfast bars bring an organic touch to the surrounding kitchen environment.

Price of bespoke, earthy-modern kitchen breakfast bars

Please refer to our online shop for pricing of our solid wood live edge kitchen breakfast bars (square edge if you prefer) We can also create personalised breakfast bar designs from wood slabs with selected, unique features upon request. Please keep in mind, this service is more expensive.

live edge breakfast bar slab breakfast bar wood plank bar top earthy timber

Bespoke Breakfast Bars Handcrafted in England

With its gorgeous grain, full of character and beautiful knots enhanced with clear resin or perhaps in clean prime grade our radiating warmth and stylish solid wood breakfast bars are crafted to order, perfectly levelled and available in any size.

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Live Edge Kitchen Breakfast Bar or Square Edge Breakfast Bar

We can follow natural shape of the tree to achieve live edged breakfast bar with an organic soft line  (also called raw edge breakfast bar, waney edge breakfast bar, natural edge breakfast bar or earthy edge bar) or square the edges if you prefer the simplicity of a sharper, more contemporary form of wooden bar in your kitchen.

wood slab breakfast bar live edge solid wood breakfast bar

Wood Slab Breakfast Bar or Planked Breakfast Bar (planks jointed together to form One Beautiful Wood Bar Top)

Depending on your budget and preferences we can craft bars from a single plank – natural edge slab breakfast bar (professionally vacuum kiln dried wide planks  otherwise called slabs that will never warp or twist), or from multiple planks originating from the same tree (book-matched) jointed together in harmony.

Live edge breakfast bars  (or square edged) from multiple planks are less expensive than single slab breakfast bars.

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Live Edged Single Plank (Slab) Oak Breakfast Bar, 40mm thickness, resin enhanced rustic features

Level of Finishing most suitable for your unique wooden bar top

We supply surfaces with different levels of service including one or any combination of the following: kitchen breakfast bar tops cut-to-size, with customised supporting plates (important for overhangs & available at an additional cost ~£200+vat per plate), with or without rounded corners (~£100+vat per corner) sanded and oiled ready for installation. Please refer to our Timberdeal Online Shop for details.

Hand Picked Wood Planks for your unique Breakfast Bar Top</span

Our earthy – modern live edge breakfast bars, live edge bar tops, waney edge tables, solid wood live edge kitchen islands, live edge bathroom sink tops, matching window sills and shelves  are manufactured from the most beautiful and responsibly sourced English and European hardwoods that have been sanded to 120 grit and available waney edged or square edged ready for finishing, unless you have requested our additional services.

live edge oak bar kitchen bar wood bar top natural wood bar, solid wood breakfast bar

L-Shaped Oak Breakfast Bar, natural earthy knots and shakes enhanced with clear resin, square edged

Please refer to our EARTHY TIMBER ONLINE SHOP for prices of matching wooden worktops, live edge tables, live edge breakfast bars, or chunky bathroom sink tops.

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Full Stave Prime Grade Oak Breakfast Bar, square edges softened by hand, clean lines, contemporary appearance, uniform planks originating from the same tree

Maintenance & Care of Solid Wood Breakfast Bars

To maintain optimum appearance and condition of your earthy live edge breakfast bar (or crispy, square edge if you prefer)  we recommend a blend of high quality, fragrant oils or clear lacquer  ideal for surfaces requiring a hard-wearing and water resistant finish. The protective layer built with the oil/lacquer is water-, heat-, alcohol- and food acid-resistant.  Instructions for installation, care & maintenance of wooden breakfast bars are available online.

Click here for more information about our wooden breakfast bars – delivery, storage,  installation & maintenance

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