Live Edge Kitchen Island

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Live Edge Kitchen Island earthy – modern addition to your kitchen

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Our solid wood waney edge kitchen islands (square edge if you prefer) and kitchen peninsula tops are crafted from full stave, very wide wood planks (250mm+ wide wood planks) originating from the same tree, therefore colour and feature compatible.

Natural Wood Kitchen islands from Timberdeal and our sister company Earthy Timber are full of character & earthy charm, treated with our signature resin infill technique. The earthy complexion and radiant warmth of the organic patterns and striations in live edge solid wood kitchen islands bring a fresh, natural touch to the surrounding environment, the style that blends contemporary simplicity with heritage elegance.

Price of bespoke live edge kitchen island tops

Please refer to our Earthy Timber Everyday Store for pricing of our solid wood live edge kitchen island table tops (square edge if you prefer) We can also create personalised, kitchen island surface designs from 1-2 wood slabs with selected, unique features upon request. Please keep in mind, this service is more expensive.

kitchen island oak kitchen island super wide kitchen island wood island large wood island

Large Character Oak Kitchen Island 3100x2100x40mm, resin enhanced features, oil finish

Beautiful Kitchen Island Worktops handcrafted in England

Our live edge kitchen island worktops (square edge if you prefer) are handcrafted to order, individually designed to inspire. Unlike cold stone or composites, character wood adds warmth to your kitchen, inviting family and friends to spend time together in a relaxed, casual way.

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Kitchen Island Worktop resin enhanced rustic wood features

Kitchen Island Solid Wood Worktop resin infill technique encapsulates the character wood features in a blanket of clear resin. That way, our solid wood kitchen island worktops and surfaces retain their classic, raw beauty with a modern hint. Resin infill technique also makes our wooden tops hyginic to use and very easy to clean and maintain.

Live Edge Kitchen Island (square edge if you prefer) Finishing Service

Our professional finishing of live edge kitchen island (or square edge if you prefer) includes fine sanding and application of oils or clear lacquer. The fine sanding process gives our solid wood worktops a smooth, elegant finish. It also prepares them for the subsequent treatment. Our wooden tops are further sanded in-between the application of each coat for added durability and aesthetic appeal. Timberdeal customers have the choice between oil and lacquer kitchen island finish depending on individual preferences. Alternatively, you may also choose to – at your own cost – arrange the finishing service with your fitter or do it yourself.

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Kitchen Island’s Oil Finish – The unique properties of oil enhance the grain over time and amplify the rich, natural colours of wood island, so you have everything to look forward to in the upcoming years. The oil penetrates deeper layers of your kitchen island worktop to form an extensive protective in depth film. This creates a shield-like effect that prevents damage once the top layer of oil begins to fade. Oil-finishing requires no budget-hungry interventions as it is easier to repair. Your surface will require occasional re-oiling in accordance with our maintenance guide so that your wood kitchen island top remains nourished and beautiful. The oiled-finish is perfect for those who love the natural, organic qualities of wood.

We would however suggest that you take care to place cups, glasses and hot plates on a coaster or mat in the early life of your solid wood island top.

At Timberdeal we use a blend of high quality, fragrant oils, ideal for surfaces & worktops requiring a hard-wearing, water-resistant finish. The protective layer built by the finishing oil is water-, heat-, alcohol- and food acid-resistant.


Kitchen Island’s Lacquer Finish is a great solution for those seeking a clear wood finish. Its durable, protective coating and higher viscosity are perfect for surfaces frequently exposed to moisture. Unlike oil, which intensifies the depth of the colour palette, lacquer maintains more of the natural colours of wood with a transparent, preservative layer. Lacquer can be spread over both raw and newly stained wood or even older layers of the same finish, granted the wood is thoroughly sanded. Due to its higher levels of viscosity, lacquer does not penetrate the timber as effectively as oil, which consequently means it does not provide further protection underneath its surface. The finish may require re-coating in a few years.

At Timberdeal we utilise a water-based, low VOC solution that offers high resistance to scratches and stains on your solid wood kitchen island top whilst maintaining the natural beauty and feel of the live edge wood. It is ideal for use on busy solid wood kitchen island tops. The mixture also features non-yellowing, UV protected formula.

Live Edge Kitchen Island or Square Edge Kitchen Island Top

live edge kitchen island waney edge island solid wood worktopsSquare edge kitchen island, natural edge kitchen island (otherwise known as live edge island, raw edge island, earthy edge island, waney edge kitchen island, wavey edge island), as well as part-live, part-square edge wooden islands are all included within the price of your wooden worktop(s) – see the pricing in our online shop. The choice ultimately comes down to personal taste.

For live edged wood islands and part live, part square edged kitchen islands the width will be measured in the widest point of the wooden surface.

Solid Wood Kitchen Island Overhang

live edge kitchen island top waney edge island solid wood islandA support may be required for the kitchen island or breakfast bar solid wood worktop with overhangs. At Timberdeal we have the practical and elegant solution. Our embedded in timber, supporting plates are crafted to order, calibrated individually to each surface, designed to allow for the natural movement of timber. They are available at an additional cost, and on average 1 plate per 1 metre is required. Embedded in timber, concealed plates cost £200+vat per plate.

Circular Wood Kitchen Island Tops and Shaped Wooden Worktops

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Shaped Kitchen Island Oak Top, Rustic features enhanced with resin, oil finish

We can produce circular wooden worktops of any diameter or shape it individually to your template (template’s thickness minimum 5mm) or precise measurements. This service is available at an additional cost of a minimum £180+vat

Placing an order for your unique solid wood kitchen island top & how to contact us

For more standard, beautiful kitchen island worktops please refer to our TIMBERDEAL ONLINE SHOP

For more exclusive orders with a higher budget, please let us know your investment figure so that we can select unique planks and finishing techniques to reflect this investment

Decide if you wish to order supporting plates for the kitchen island overhang, or would you rather have your installer take care of it?

If you wish to visit us. We will go about scheduling an appointment closest to your favourable date and time


wild walnut kitchen island live edge kitchen island wood island oak kitchen island waney edge kitchen island

Wild Walnut Island Top with resin enhanced features.

Click here for more information about our solid wood kitchen islands – delivery, storage, installation & maintenance

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