Slab Single Plank Table Tops with Resin Infill

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Beautiful and Tactile Live Edge Wood Slab Table Tops (single plank)

Our live edge single plank (slab) tops are a perfect solution for a table, desk, sink top or a feature shelf.

Each wood slab is  unique and finished in the way to highlight the most beautiful aspects of the plank by our skilled craftsmen in Plumpton Green, Sussex, England.

There is no single joint on the live edge slab top (waney edge slab top) and this is what makes our feature slab tops so exclusive and special. When deciding about choosing the logs for our projects we take into account their sustainability first and foremost and select the logs  for their unique aspects. The timber is then planked and expertly vacuum kiln dried in our on-site chamber to deliver the stable plank for us to work on.

wide plank table top, large slab very wide plank, large plank for table breakfast bar or island Live Edge Oak Slab Table Rustic Slab Live edge slab raw slab earthy edge natural edge

Live edge oak slab desk top

What we do? Using various resin enhancement techniques, we fill the naturally occurring perfect  ‘imperfections’ such as knots, splits voids and holes with designed by our chemical engineers resin compositions, depending on application, we smooth the edges and finish your piece  to create the natural looking piece that is not only  admirably looking but also practical and hygienic to use.

Why using expertly kiln dried timber is so important

wide plank table top, large slab very wide plank, large plank for table, oak table top unique table table and matching benches breakfast bar or islandbookmatched table bookmatched wood bookmatched wood planks for table

Oak slab table top and matching benches crafted from a very wide, single oak plank originating from the same tree

In order to produce a forever wooden slab top that will never twist or warp and for resin techniques to work  it is absolutely essential to use the timber that has been kiln dried to its core below 10% moisture content as this guarantees the slab stability.

Regrettably a large proportion on wooden slabs on the market is not correctly processed to below 10% moisture content, or merely air dried.  Customers  are often unaware of the risks of  purchasing pieces made from insufficiently dried timber including warping, twisting, swelling, encouraging an infestation of woodworm. Also  adjoining tops or support regardless of composition could potentially be affected and damaged. Unfortunately these problems can take weeks to manifest themselves by which time it is too late.

We vacuum kiln dry all our pieces in house, controlling the entire process of crafting your dream table top or feature desk top from the tree to finished product under one roof.

If you’d like to preserve special family memories, we can even work with wood from a tree from your garden, assuming that it is no longer living.

All our timber is sourced  either in UK or EU and meets the policy and standards of responsible forest management to comply with EUTR standards.

wide oak planks wide walnut planks very wide oak very wide walnut

Very wide oak planks entering our on-site vacuum kiln

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Kiln Dried Wooden Slabs for Large Table, Bar or Kitchen Island

Our expertly kiln dried hardwood slabs are available for sale in either  rough sawn (raw) state -levelled, for further processing – refer to our links HOW TO on our YouTube channel  if you wish to finish your slab table or slab breakfast bar using your own hands), semi finished – with resin already expertly applied or completely finished piece of art slab table, slab table top, slab breakfast bar or a slab island.

large slab very wide plank for table breakfast bar or island kiln drying moisture content, wood drying service, wood specialist uk, worktop specialist england

All our wooden slabs are expertly kiln dried in house to guarantee timber stability in your home environment

Extravagant in Design, Professional in Service

We manifest our passion for the business through our work and identify with each project we undertake. Moreover, we work closely with our customers to create art that is both raw and uncompromised in its beauty to show the true face of nature.

The essence of our business is a turbulent combination of raw character expressed through our projects and unparalleled expertise demonstrated through our specialist approach.

Live Edged Oak Slab Table full of character enhanced with clear resin

Attention to detail

Our workshop in Plumpton Green sees the creation of timeless furniture that will last in your homes for generations to come, because natural beauty never goes out of style. We design each project with equal care and attention regardless of size.

From start to finish, whether it is expertly sourcing and hand-picking timber from long-lived European and British forests to carefully applying the final touches to a bespoke surface, you can be sure that we are present throughout the whole process to ensure the top quality of each individual product. We pay attention to the smallest detail because we love what we do, and because customer satisfaction is our upmost priority.

The origin of our waney edge wood slabs

Our beautiful timber slabs and wide wood planks come from the very old trees of English Woodlands and European forests. Sustainability is very important to what we believe in and how we approach our business; we often utilize and salvage timber from tree removals and tree surgeon jobs, as well as trees that fell due to harsh weather conditions. We have also reclaimed wood from firewood piles and salvaged wood trunks that would have been left to rot. Our wide variety of mature trees include oak, walnut, sycamore, elm, pear, wild apple, walnut, hornbeam, yew tree and other rare hardwood varieties that are full of attractive features which accentuate the natural beauty of timber. These unique features are transformed into artistic yet practical wooden surfaces in our Sussex based wood workshop.

Stunning imperfections of natural timber 

wide plank table top, large slab very wide plank, large plank for table breakfast bar or island character oak rustic wood rustic features resin wood resin timber earthy timberdeal wood sussex

Resin Infill is a highly skilled technique used by Timberdeal that brings out the stunning natural beauty of wood. Using premium quality resin that’s as clear as glass to level any gaps or knots in our hand-crafted wooden surfaces, we turn special into extraordinary.





We love the organic and earthy imperfections such as scars, knots, splits and shakes. We believe these distinctive features give character to our products, which breaks away from the abundance of conventional designs present in today’s market. Complementing these rustic elements with innovative technology creates an explosive mixture that yields aesthetically pleasing results. All these different components come together and are carefully moulded in our hands to create stunning tables, breakfast bars, worktops, shelves, countertops, feature walls, wall art and inventive wood art.

Careful kiln drying in hands of wood experts

All our wood slabs are vacuum kiln dried below 10% moisture content as this is an essential process  to ensure the wood is stable and suitable for internal use. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of wood kiln drying! The vacuum kiln process ensures that our products are both timeless and durable by ‘exercising’ the wood in order to make it more resistant to inevitable changes in humidity and temperature. To find out more about our vacuum kiln drying process, click here… 
Regrettably, a large proportion of timber on the market is not sufficiently dried and clients are unaware of the potential dangers involed in purchasing such products. Insufficient drying may result in warping, twisting, swelling and infestation of woodworm. As a direct consequence, neighbouring surfaces (regardless of composition; mdf, timber plywood etc.) could potentially be affected and damaged. These problems can take months to manifest themselves, unfortunately by that time it’s already too late.

We strongly advise clients to check that the timber from their suppliers is adequately kiln dried before they commit to the purchase. Also note that timber dried using conventional methods is likely to have a substantially higher moisture content compared to the vacuum kiln process, thus making it prone to defects.

wide oak planks wide walnut planks very wide oak very wide walnut wide plank table top, large slab very wide plank, large plank for table breakfast bar or island wide walnut plank wide oak plank wide oak slab wide walnut slab

All our timber is kiln dried below 10% moisture content as this is an essential process to ensure the wood is stable and suitable for internal use. Regrettably a large proportion of timber on the market is not processed in this way and clients are unaware of the potential dangers of purchasing this kind of timber including warping, twisting, swelling, encouraging the infestation of woodworm. Also neighbouring surfaces regardless of composition (mdf, timber plywood etc.) could potentially be affected and damaged. Unfortunately these problems can take months to manifest themselves by which time it is too late.

Widest choice of kiln dried wood slabs, raw or with different level of finishing

We are a specialist supplier of unique English and European sourced wooden slabs. We offer a wide selection that includes raw slabs (rough sawn slabs), semi-finished slab tops (levelled, ready for further processing) and fully treated slabs with clear resin or metal inserts.

Those who are interested in additional involvement within the project can personally hand-pick the timber from our vast collection of slabs and wide planks at our workshop & timber yard located in East Sussex. Alternatively, you can add more personal significance to your furniture by providing us with wooden slabs from your own tree. We will turn them into furniture that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time carrying emotional value.

rustic table factory design industrial style table industrial table salvaged wood wide plank table top, large slab very wide plank, large plank for table breakfast bar or island oak top oak table slab table slab breakfast bar slab sale wooden slabs for sale

Over 1 metre wide single slab (single wide plank) table top made from salvaged oak & view our range of designed for wooden tops, bespoke table legs & plates in table support section

Wooden slabs from your garden

We are happy to work with timber from your own tree if you can demonstrate you have all the valid permissions from UK authorities to cut the tree down (if applicable). The large planks of timber can be turned into a beautiful slab table, single plank wooden shelves, a unique timber breakfast bar or a handsome wood desk. Our role is not only to produce stunning solid wood furniture but also to oversee the whole process, including accurate wood kiln drying and conditioning to ensure the stability and unrivaled quality of the final product.

Pure natural wide planks in modern form

Each slab has its own individual markings, colourations and grain patterns. Each unique combination of these components creates unexampled work of art.
Our wood boards are wider and longer than conventional formats as they are cut from very wide logs (wood trunks).  Due to such thickness the process of drying (air drying, followed by kiln drying) can take up to 10 years!

Timber requires time, love and patience to prepare.

Organic beauty; cutting-edge technology

Large Slab (single wide plank) Table & Benches (bookmatched) originating from the same oak treeOur unique organic form of live edge (otherwise called raw edge, waney edge or natural edge) wooden slab projects include authentic and truly unique solid wood tables, live edge wooden breakfast bars, solid timber character countertops, wooden sideboards and pronounced raw edge table tops with resin-preserved bark. We also offer the unrivaled service of uniting wooden slabs with other exclusive materials such as glass, iron, steel, aluminium, brass, silver and gold to create a remarkable attention centerpiece.
We personally research and source timber for our eccentric designs.

We offer a wide variety of natural edge wide planks including English Oak, European Oak, English Walnut, European Walnut, Elm, Sycamore, Wild Pear, Wild Apple, Cherry, London Plane, Hornbeam, Pippy Poplar, Pippy Oak, Burr Oak and many more. Wide variety timber slabs can be viewed by appointment.

Please use our contact form to request a quote for a slab project or book an appointment.

character slab walnut slab slab table slab breakfast bar buy slab sell slab resin wood wood resin timberdeal earthy timber

Wooden surfaces have never looked so beautiful. The result is a truly unique harmony of the refined nature of timber and the latest contemporary methods that creates a striking yet practical piece of furniture to last in your home for generations to come.

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