Raw Unfinished natural live edged slabs in piles
Finished or Unfinished
Solid Wood Slabs

Our beautiful bespoke slabs are sourced sustainably from English and European woodlands.

Beautiful rustic oak and wild walnut full stave planks from sustainably sourced trees
Finished or Unfinished
Solid Wood Slabs

Our beautiful bespoke slabs are sourced sustainably from English and European woodlands.

Organic earthy sustainably sourced oak and walnut full stave slabs stacked
Finished or Unfinished
Solid Wood Slabs

Our beautiful bespoke slabs are sourced sustainably from English and European woodlands.

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Here at Timberdeal we have been working with timber throughout our whole lives, so we regard ourselves as timber grading and vacuum kiln drying specialists. We believe in quality over quantity whilst maintaining optimum aesthetical design throughout from initial enquiries to a finished product. We use the finest high quality English rustic oak and European wild walnut to create our rustic bespoke hand-crafted slab tops.

Our slab tops are designed to suit multiple environments, whether it be a modern contemporary, or a rural rustic cottage style home. Our slabs are hand-picked in house and are colour and feature compatible and feature live edges also known as waney edges or natural edges.

We also have wide experience in supplying wood stock for windmill renovations, custom wood planks or slabs, and sections for barn renovations, victorian house renovations and period building renovation projects.

We are now the proud owners of the best worktop on a narrow boat! I looked high and low for a wide, natural worktop for our boat and found nobody else could do it. We tried timber merchants and sawmills and the best they could do was offer to stick two planks together. We didn’t think we were asking for the moon, but only at Earthy Timber could we get what we wanted – a beautiful slab of wood that looks great and wouldn’t split or warp and retained its connection with the tree it was cut from.


We now have a spectacular combination worktop and jewellery-making bench to compliment our beautiful boat.
David Hindle.


Rustic full stave solid wood planks sussex UK


We at Timberdeal and our sister company Earthy Timber use our in-house vacuum kiln to professionally dry our timber with a below 10% moisture content. This process is essential to ensure that the timber is stable and suitable for internal use for the long term and suitable for resin work. We cannot stress enough how important professional kiln drying is. The vacuum kiln process ensures that our products are both timeless and durable by exercising the slab. We do this in order to make it more resistant to inevitable changes in humidity and temperature.

Regrettably, a large portion of timber slabs on the market are not sufficiently dried and clients are unaware of the potential dangers involved. Insufficient drying may result in warping, twisting, swelling and infestation of woodworm. As a direct consequence, neighbouring surfaces regardless of wood type, could be potentially affected and damaged. These problems may take months to manifest themselves, by this point it is often to late.

We strongly advise that our clients check that timber bought from their suppliers are adequately kiln dried before they commit to the purchase. Also note that timber dried using conventional methods is likely to have a substantially higher moisture content compared to our vacuum kiln process, thus making them more prone to defects. Our professionally kiln dried slabs can be bought from our everyday range store as finished products using our professional finishing services. They can also be bought raw, unfinished and levelled (levelling £50+VAT per m2) for you to manufacture at home. The bark is not removed unless it has peeled off or flaked off naturally.

Large full stave wooden slabs stacked and kiln dried


Our rustic beautiful live edge slabs and planks originate from very old trees from English Woodlands and Europeans forests. Sustainability is very important to us and how we approach our business. We often utilise and salvage timber from tree removal and tree surgeon jobs, as well as trees that fell due to harsh weather conditions. We also use reclaimed wood from firewood piles and salvaged wood trunks that would have been left to rot. All our timber is sourced either in the UK or EU and meets the policy and standards of responsible forest management to comply with EUTR standards.

We offer an unrivalled service in supplying a wide range of timber. Each plank is selected for their beautiful characteristics and features. Our bespoke waney edge and live edge slabs can be manufactured using an English wild walnut or smoked oak. We also offer some rare varieties such as wild apple, wild pear, hornbeam, sweet chestnut, yew tree, acacia, elm, and lime. All our varieties of timber come in varying dimensions.

We personally select the wood for all our projects. Our rustic wood waney edge slabs make the most beautiful live edge tables, desks, kitchen islands, bathroom shelf tops and feature shelves. Our waney edge slab tops are also suitable for DIY projects.

Oak planed finished oak planks with live edge


Generally speaking, we can go as far as you wish in terms of a fully finished product. We offer a series of extra choices for you to consider when buying our bespoke solid wood slabs. Extras include edging choices other than live edge, finishing services, planning, sanding, resin application, bark removal, edge smoothing and plank squaring and are all available at an extra cost. For those wishing for several extras, you may wish to consider buying our finished wood slab tops from our online store, or if you seek something more bespoke, please visit our sister company Earthy Timber.

Resin Infill

We love the organic and earthy wood imperfections such as scars, knots, splits and shakes. We believe these distinctive features give character to our products, which breaks away from the abundance of conventional designs present in today’s market. Complementing these rustic elements with innovative technology creates an explosive mixture that yields aesthetically pleasing results. All these different components come together and are carefully moulded in our hands to create stunning live edge tables, waney edge breakfast bars, worktops, shelves, kitchen islands, feature walls, natural edge bathroom sink tops, wall art and inventive wood art.

Resin infill is a highly skilled technique used by Timberdeal and our sister company Earthy Timber that brings out the stunning natural beauty of wood. Using premium quality resin to level any gaps or knots in our hand-crafted wooden tops, we turn special into extraordinary. You may also consider leaving the sticky & tricky wood resin diy work in hands of experts and purchasing our fully or semi-finished tops.

Our expertly kiln dried wood slab tops are also available fully finished – with resin applied in feature cracks, voids and knots, edges smoothed and irresistible to touch, finished with oil or clear varnish protection perfect piece of art in the form of wood slab table, wood slab table top, wood slab desk, wide wood plank breakfast bar or a live edge wood slab island. Please visit our sister company Earthy Timber to find out more about our Earthy Timber Luxury Range and our Online Shop for less expensive, everyday range quality solid wood tables and live edge tops.

Square Edging

Our bespoke solid wood slabs are also available with a square or straight edge. Our square edge choice is by far our most modern and tradition edging style choice and is guaranteed to add a modern contemporary feel to your home. Our square edged slabs can be beautifully combined with our signature resin infill and highlights the natural features of the timber such as the knots, cracks and striations.

Mixed Edging

Whether you want a predominantly modern and contemporary feel to your home but love the style of the live edge, a mixed edging style might be for you. Using our mixed edging allows for the natural beauty of the live edge with the familiar functionality and aesthetical approach of a modern contemporary design.

Oil Finish

We use a colour enhancing oil finish that allows the amplification of the organic earthy tones that add a radiant warmth to your bespoke solid wood slab. Our oil product is of high quality and is incredibly durable against damage and corrosion such as heat, food acid, water and alcohol.

Our oil finish works in a very different way from our lacquer finish and works its way into the layers of the timber to create several protective layers throughout. All whilst maintaining an optimum moisture balance. We believe our oil finish works well to protect and maintain your earthy solid wood slab, however, we do recommend to take care when placing hot mugs, plates, bowls and glasses on your slab. Over time your bespoke earthy slab will need to be re-oiled to maintain its appearance and protective feature. This process along with a fine sanding can also be used to repair any damage. More information regarding maintenance can be found on our maintenance guide.

Lacquer Finish

Our lacquer finish is a perfect option to fully protect and preserve your solid wood slab and to maintain the original earthy tones and colourings of the timber. Unlike oil, rather than deeply penetrate the layers of the wood, the lacquer sits on top of the slab and acts more of a thick barrier against damage and corrosion. Our transparent, water based, low-VOC lacquer product is of the highest quality and offers a high resistance to moisture, heat, staining and scratching. Our lacquer product also features a non-yellowing formula and UV protection.

If the lacquer barrier was to wear down over time, or damage was to occur, lacquer can be re-applied after a fine sanding. Further information regarding our lacquer finishing can be found at our maintenance guide.

wood drying service live edge wood slabs for sale waney edge slabs


When choosing your thickness, please bear in mind that during the essential levelling process to achieve a flat surface, a loss of around 10-15mm may occur due to the natural shape and warping effect of the tree. Our levelling service is available on request at £50+vat per m2. Please also bear in mind that the width of each live edge slab top is measured at the widest point of the plank. Our guide price also does not include extras as stated above. Our pre-selected, exceptionally unique and interesting wood slabs are subject to availability and are premium priced.

50mm Oak, sycamore, ash slab thickness Price exc
400mm wide slab 500mm wide slab 600mm wide slab 700mm wide slab 800mm wide slab 1000mm+ wide slab
1m Long £100 £115 £125 £350 £500 £800
2m Long £150 £180 £220 £440 £800 £1000
3m Long £200 £250 £350 £600 £1000 £1500
4m Long £300 £350 £450 Available in 60mm+
Available in 60mm+
Available in 60mm+
4m+ Long £700 £1200 £1500 Available in 60mm+
Available in 60mm+
Available in 60mm+
60mm Oak, sycamore, ash slab thickness Price exc
400mm wide slab 500mm wide slab 600mm wide slab 700mm wide slab 800mm wide slab 1000mm+ wide slab
1m Long £180 £210 £240 £270 £600 £1000
2m Long £210 £240 £270 £420 £1200 £1500
3m Long £250 £320 £420 £600 £2100 £2400
4m Long £360 £420 £550 £900 £2400 £3000
4m+ Long £900 £1200 £1500 £1800 £4000 £5000


50mm & 60mm Walnut slab thickness Price exc


300mm wide 400mm wide 500mm wide
1m £150 £200 £250
1.5m £200 £250 £300
2m £220 £280 £450
2.4 £250 £300 £500
2.6 £300 £350 £600
3m £500 £600 £700
Beautiful earthy organic solid wood oak slab


In order to produce a long-lasting wood and resin art piece it is absolutely essential to use the live edge wood slab or plank that has been kiln dried below 10% moisture content as this guarantees the stability and produces the expected results. Otherwise & most likely all your hard work will turn into disappointment.

Fancy using your creativity to make your own live edge wood slab river table / epoxy river table? Please add £100+vat per timber plank to the prices above and we will prepare a set of 2 book-matched live edge wood planks (timber slabs originating from the same tree) ready for a glass or resin epoxy river insert.

If you wish, you can choose the base from our expertly designed, specifically for wooden surfaces table legs to complete your project.

If you want to get your hands dirty (and sticky!) and craft your own beautiful wood top such as live edge shelf, cheese board, waney edge breakfast bar, it is worth considering purchasing our DIY Wood Art 2-pack resin and hardener kit together with our professionally vacuum kiln dried waney edge timber. Our WoodArt resin kits provide superior clarity designed for the most gorgeous wood resin applications.

Wood Art resin designed for artistic wooden surfaces

Approximate Application

2 pack resin & hardener

Price exc VAT

Starter size wood art resin kit

Enough to fill very few small wood knots and just enough to create your own artistic solid wood cheese board.

0.2l resin & 0.2l hardener


Normal size wood art resin kit

Enough to fill small and larger knots on coffee table size area.

1kg resin & 1kg hardener


Large size wood art resin kit

Enough to cover multiple large and small knots on dining table size area

2kg resin & 2kg hardener


Maxi size wood art resin kit

For multiple project applications

10kg resin & 10kg hardener


Oak and walnut raw edged slabs in piles with beautifully finished slab on top


Our bespoke waney edge slabs can be purchased from our online everyday range store. If you have any further questions regarding a project you have in mind or the products and services we have on offer, please use our contact form by clicking ‘Contact Us’ below. We also accommodate visits and face to face talks. If you wish to do this, please use our contact form and let us know a preferred date and time and we will try our very best to find an appointment closest to this.