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How to commission a bespoke live edge table

Commissioning a unique solid wood live edge table (or square edge table if you prefer) from us is very easy and we have listed below a list of steps and important factors to consider and to help you with the process:

Step 1 – Determine your budget

Everyday Range Earthy-Modern Tables

The most popular and least expensive bespoke solid wood earthy tables can be quoted and purchased in our Online Shop.

Everyday Range Earthy-Modern Live Edge Tables (or square edge) with Bespoke Requirements and Higher Specification

If your budget is more than our ‘everyday range’ tables, but less than our exclusive Earthy Timber range, available from our sister company Earthy Timber please let us know your investment figure so that we can allow for this when selecting more distinctive-featured planks for your project and use finishing techniques that will reflect your investment with us. Each piece of timber in our East Sussex based wood yard is unique, as we personally select each wood log for its rare characteristics and markings. The distinctiveness and uniqueness is a part of the beauty of our handmade earthy-modern tables from Timberdeal and Earthy Timber.

Customers with additional requirements and budgets above Everyday Range Tables (but not quite Earthy Timber Luxury Range) are welcome to fill an Enquiry Form on our website.

Luxury Designer Tables from Earthy Timber

For Luxury Tables please refer to our sister company Earthy Timber Website. Due to the exclusive nature of the commissioned statement of art tables, they are not available in our online shop. Would you please therefore fill an enquiry form on our website to enable us to ascertain your requirements for your commissioned luxury table. These are considered a predictable investment to provide you with sound and secure appreciation aesthetically and financially.

A piece of practical art designed and handcrafted with function in mind – selected for their exclusive uniqueness in the grain, features and beauty planks, from carefully hand-picked, grown in the wild & sustainably sourced trees, expertly vacuum kiln dried in our on- site chamber to guarantee the stability and timelessness of each piece.

With prices starting from £10000, the value of the commissioned statement of art table supersedes the price you pay for it.


Step 2 – Choose your top

Wood Slab Table Top

live edge table designer table london wood slab table

2000x1000mm oak slab live edged table with rustic features enhanced with clear resin

Slab tables (LIVE EDGE SLAB TABLES OR SQUARE EDGE TABLES) are the crème de la crème of dining furniture. In the simplest of terms, they are super-size wood planks. This oversimplified definition however, does not do the wood slabs justice. The demand for such exclusive, statement pieces is extremely high and resources – limited. Not a single joint can be found on our slab wood tables. The slab table tops are as nature intended them to be – raw in their beauty with vibrant, organic vibes to make your dining experience all the more special. The character features are preserved with a clear resin infill to retain the rustic overtones, merely adding a finishing touch to what is already a masterpiece. Discover the slab table tops range & prices in our Earthy Timber Online Shop

Live Edge Slab Table Tops are subject to availability.

Multiple-plank wood table tops (planks originating from the same tree)

live edge table designer table london wood slab table

3000 x 960mm oak table crafted from 3 book-matched, full of character and beautiful rustic features oak planks originating from the same tree

Natural Edge Table tops (also known as live edge table top, raw edge table top, waney edge table top) and/or contemporary looking, square edge table tops are a perfect solution for those seeking premium quality at a reasonable price. Live edge table tops and square edge table tops comprise of wide stave, bookmatched (originating from one tree) planks of over 250mm width. The table tops are enhanced with our signature resin infill technique to preserve the earthy knots and rustic ‘imperfections’ (although we don’t see them as such). At an additional cost, the number of planks of earthy top can be decreased, e.g. from four planks to two, very wide planks. Our rustic luxury wooden tables are carefully crafted in-house in our workshop in Plumpton Green, Lewes, Sussex. Discover our beautiful yet least expensive planked tables range & prices – at our Online Shop.

Step 3 – Choose your edging

Several finishes to your wooden table edge are available to suit your taste:

Live Edge Table,

Square Edge Table,

Part-Live, Part-Square Edge Table

are all included within the price of your wooden top(s).

Step 4 – Choose your finishing

Our finishing service includes fine sanding and application of oils/lacquer. The fine sanding process gives our bespoke solid wood table tops a smooth, elegant finish. It also prepares them for the subsequent treatment with our recommended blend of finishing oils or lacquer. Our surfaces are further sanded in-between the application of each coat for added durability and aesthetic appeal.

Step 5 – Table legs & supporting plates

Timberdeal legs and plates are crafted to order, calibrated individually to each surface, designed and made in-house to allow for the natural movement of timber.

Please note we cannot advise on legs/any other form of support from external sources.

Important note about our on site vacuum kiln drying – Choose reliability

Regrettably, a large proportion of wooden table tops on the market are not adequately kiln-dried. Customers are often unaware of the risks that arise from purchasing wooden tops made from insufficiently dried timber. These include splitting, warping, twisting, swelling and infestation of woodworm. Unfortunately, these problems can take weeks to manifest themselves, by which time it is too late.

We kiln dry all our timber in-house, using our precision vacuum kiln drying chamber. This produces excellent quality wood with desired moisture content (below 10%)

The entire crafting process of your dream table, from tree to the finished piece, is fulfilled under one roof, in our workshop in Plumpton Green, Sussex.

The uncompromising durability of our tables allows them to effortlessly withstand the test of time, complementing your home for generations to come.

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