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Live Edge Solid Wood Worktops (square edge if you prefer), beautiful earthy oak and wild walnut crafted in England

live edge worktop oak walnut earthy timberAt Timberdeal we handcraft unique and artistic solid wood live edge worktops (waney edge work tops) to your measurements, emphasizing the natural features, striations, patterns and knots, subtly enhanced with clear resin to ensure the tops have both aesthetic and functional value.

With the choice of natural, live edge (otherwise called living edge, rustic edge, waney edge, earthy edge ) or traditional square edges our solid wood worktops complement cottage style through to contemporary-modern kitchens.

We offer kitchen solid wood worktops in choices of full of character earthy oak, or wild walnut. Our professionally vacuum kiln dried in house timber guarantees the optimum moisture content, essential for a challenging kitchen, bathroom environment. The vacuum kiln drying process guarantees that our wonderfully warm, full of character wooden worktops will maintain their original beauty and practicality for decades to come.

Bespoke Solid Wood Worktops

At Timberdeal, we bring the outside indoors with high quality, bespoke solid wood worktops (live edge worktops & square edge worktops) to complement your kitchen, or any other room. Each wooden top, full of character, style and grace, is expertly designed and handcrafted in our timber yard and workshop located in Sussex, England. Whatever size, design or purpose, we can create a live edge wood worktop (or square edge) to delight the eye and warm the soul.

As we are manufacturers, we personally source, plank, and vacuum kiln dry all timber for our projects (solid wood worktops, tables, breakfast bars, bathroom counters, live edge kitchen islands). We can therefore guarantee a quality wooden product crafted from start to finish in England. We are unique in offering this full ‘fallen tree to a finished worktop’ service under one roof.

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Full stave, square edged English walnut kitchen island. Our projects combine style & practicality

Kitchen Worktops & Complementing Tables & Live Edge Islands & Breakfast Bar Tops

Our bespoke, artistic solid wood worktops, wooden breakfast bars, solid wood kitchen islands, earthy tables, matching benches, feature shelves and window sills (live edged or square edged if you prefer) are designed and produced in our workshop in the beautiful surroundings of the South Downs. The full stave art wood worktops are made from the finest English and European timber with their unique characteristics and distinctive grain. The wood planks are hand-picked to make them colour and grain compatible.

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Full stave character oak worktops, beautiful rustic features enhanced with clear resin, feature end cups, bark preserved feature, oil finish

Rustic Solid Wood Oak Worktops, Wild Walnut Worktops

Our area of expertise in timber grading and timber drying is reflected by our ability to produce top quality expertly vacuum kiln dried timber. Our live edge wood worktops (square edge if you prefer) kitchen worktops are produced from the most beautiful English & European character oak & earthy wild walnut .

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English walnut full stave, pencil edge custom worktops enhanced with clear resin inserts, oil & wax finish


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Character oak worktop with resin infill, square edge, oil finish

Solid Wood Worktops Resin Technique

Our Natural Character Oak and Wild Walnut solid wood worktops are enhanced and secured with a clear resin infill. Blending the beauty of nature with cutting edge style and technology, that’s sure to be a much-loved feature in your home for years to come.

Resin Infill is a specialist technique from Earthy Timber that fills in a solid wood worktop’s natural imperfections, gaps, scatterings of pip, open knots & voids with high quality resin to give it a modern and creative twist.  This process fills in knots, cracks, in-grown bark whilst making a feature of them, giving light and life to a wooden surface. Each tactile worktop is unique and expertly crafted, incorporating and making the most of the natural swirls, whirls and variously-sized knots naturally found within wood.

Our Wood Resin Worktops are true show-stoppers and hands-down best sellers with our customers. Highly durable, hard-wearing and hygienic to use, the results are stunning. The Resin Infill subtly filters and reflects light, complementing the unique patterns in your wood (oak, walnut) worktop. This artistic modern-rustic wooden top will give you joy every single day.

What is the best finish for my solid wood worktop?

Our professional finishing service includes sanding the wooden worktop to a fine grit, and lacquer or oil treatment, as well as sanding the top between the coats of treatment in preparation for your immediate use.

Lacquer Finish Oak Tops and Walnut Tops

Lacquer is an ideal solution for durable, protective, low maintenance solid wood worktop finish. It is the most cost effective, water resistant solution, ideal for wooden worktops frequently exposed to moisture such as kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms. Unlike oil, which intensifies the depth of the colour palette, lacquer maintains the natural colour of wood with a transparent, preservative layer. Solid wood worktops finished with lacquer will last years without reapplication unless heavily used.

We utilise a water-based, low VOC solution that offers high resistance to scratches and stains whilst maintaining the natural beauty and feel of the solid wood worktop. It is ideal for use on hardwood surfaces. The mixture also features a non-yellowing, UV protected formula. The protective layer built by the lacquer is water, heat, alcohol, and food acid resistant.

Oil Finish Oak Tops and Walnut Tops

Finishing oil is the most organic method of finishing the solid wood worktop. The unique properties of oil enhance the grain over time and amplify the natural colours of wood. The oil penetrates the deeper layers of wood worktop (live edge or square edge) & creates a shield-like effect that prevents damage once the top layer of oil begins to fade. Oil-finished surfaces are easy to repair with another layer of oil, however the downside is that the surface marks quite easily with liquids, therefore it is not a recommended solution for bathrooms or utility rooms. Your solid wood oak worktop or walnut worktop will require systematic re-oiling in accordance with our maintenance guide so that your solid wood worktop remains nourished and beautiful. The oiled-finish is perfect for those who love the natural qualities of solid wood in their kitchen.

Bespoke Solid Wood Worktop Edge Detail (live edge worktop, square edge, part live part square)

Our premium quality solid wood worktops can be made with a bespoke choice of different finishes on the edges. The choices are: live edge worktop, otherwise known as a natural edge worktop, raw edge worktop, waney edge top or earthy edge; modern clean line square edge or partially square, partially live edge.

oak breakfast bar bespoke live edge oak worktops natural wood tops

Character oak worktop, breakfast bar, matching window sill, upstands, cheesboards, kitchen island front edges slightly rounded off, oil finish

Timescale to produce solid wood live edge character oak & walnut worktops

Each live edge or square edge wood art worktop, breakfast bar or a kitchen island is crafted to order so please allow at least 5 weeks for manufacturing your bespoke wooden worktops. Express service is available at an additional cost. The solid wood art tops – depending on the finish: resin inserts, metal inserts and bark preservation will require more time to produce & will attract an additional cost.

English walnut breakfast bar desk table top worktop

English walnut breakfast bar, internal bark feature. Real wood is one of the finest and most precious natural materials. Solid wood bespoke worktops, wooden breakfast bars, wooden islands, matching solid wood tables, benches, hardwood floating shelves and window sills radiate warmth and benefit from distinctive nuances.

European v American oak and walnut worktops

European oak (and walnut) with it’s beautiful grain, colour variation, and unique features is very different to its American, very light and uniform distant cousin. European oak is also denser and harder as it grows slower in a colder climate and harsher weather conditions. It will better withstand dents, marking, and general wear and tear than the American, faster growing oak. If you desire uniqueness and strength closer to home, remember your royal predecessors built ships and conquered the world using local oak! European oak is also suitable for tight cooperage, unlike American oak which is too porous and unsuitable for outside usage due to its lack of durability.

Prices of bespoke live edge solid wood worktop (square edge if you prefer)

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